Eyelord is the final word in POP 'EM UP gameplay - a relentless, senseless assault on the senses with the power of heavy rock, opera and TRIPLE LIGHTNING BOLTS!

It is a game of challenging yourself from casual slumber to HARDCORE ONSLAUGHT. As good as you are, you can become better (and you will). Beat the game, beat your score, then beat your friends on the leaderboards. Channel your power and become the NEMESIS of a thousand million eyeballs!

Heavy metal visuals, squishy sounds and an awesome rock opera soundtrack make Eyelord the only arcade game on iOS and Android that goes all the way up to ELEVEN.

Game Features

  • Triple lightning bolts.
  • Eye-popping gameplay!
  • Boosts, powerups and more.
  • Retina-burning graphics.
  • Soundtrack overload.
  • Brutal leaderboards.
  • The squishiest sounds yet heard.
  • No spitting frogs. None.